Freelance Work

My expertise and interests include desktop support, troubleshooting, small-business IT, custom computer/workstation design and assembly, software development (Ruby, Go, Linux-web-stack), and Virtual Server deployments/administration.

A particular focus of mine is improving client understanding. I always try to help people understand the process, the limitations, and tools that might make their life easier. I want people to be empowered by the software tools they have at their disposal, rather than afraid of them.

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Download my Remote Support Client:

If you need me to remotely access your computer(s) for troubleshooting, download and install my Citrix support client.

Rates & Projects

Freelance Availability


Job Type Rate Example(s)
Programming/Mentoring $60/h Tmux Pair Programming. Git Collaboration.
Small Business I.T. Support Retainer Basis Remote system administration and/or assistance. Hardware/Software recommendations, planning, and deployment.
Custom Workstation Assembly $90/h + parts at cost Specify and build custom desktops, workstations, or gaming system.

Example Projects

Desktop Support